Ecobarrier - Who We Are
Ecobarrier - Who We Are

About Us

Ecocoast provides specialist marine contracting and coastal protection services to developers, contractors, operators and governments across the gCC with core focus on the United Arab Emirates. its current client base is spread over a large geographic area, including the middle East, Africa and Asia.

Offering a complete turnkey solution, Ecocoast’s services cover the full lifecycle of a marine or coastal project from development
and protection, marine infrastructure, to operation and maintenance.

Ecocoast is at the forefront of designing, constructing and installing practical, environmentally friendly, alternative marine
structures and materials, in order to reduce the impact on marine or coastal environments.

Ecocoast uses its coastal and marine expertise to fully understand each unique marine environment, and its practical experience to design and construct a holistic solution, best suited to the environment and its clients’ specific needs.