Employment Law Services, Tribunal Representation, Employer Help and Support

Employment law help and assistance when you need it

If you are an Employer with an employee problem or looking to avoid having problems then EBS Law are here to help you.

Whether the problem is already at Employment Tribunal stage, heading that way or something you want to avoid all together, you can rely on EBS Law to represent you and to advise you in legal matters at every step.

EBS Law are specialists in providing UK businesses with a comprehensive and retained employment law/HR service.  With a twelve month rolling retained contract there is no long-term tie in.  

Whether it is liaising with ACAS over an existing claim or seeking advice from us in relation to a future or ongoing matter, we will assist you.  The chances are that we will have come across your problem previously. 

We offer the full range of employment law support services. 

We very successfully represent employers at employment tribunal hearings.  In fact we are proud to say that we have never lost a case.

Our client base includes all sectors and business sizes throughout England, Scotland and Wales.  We cover all Employment Tribunals throughout the UK (except Northern Ireland).  So whether the employment tribunal hearing is in Ashford, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dundee, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle or Watford, we'll be there for you. 

Our comprehensive support package comprises of :-

Law For Employers

We will appoint a legally qualified adviser to oversee your business. This adviser will be your main contact on all employment related matters.  We give employers quality employment law advice on all topics from employee absence to avoiding discrimination claims.

As you will have continuity of service, your adviser will gain great familiarity with you, your business and an understanding of the areas that present common and often unique daily challenges.

You will avoid having to repeat the same query or update different advisers on the history of a particular case, saving time and ensuring efficiency in the matter and providing comprehensive employment law for employers.

Why should you call EBS?

Our advisers have the right legal qualifications coupled with appropriate and extensive hands-on experience. EBS Law offers a complete employment law/HR service which is available from a minimal retainer fee.

Should you have a current employee or staffing problem, please get in contact with us.  We will provide initial free law advice to employers in the UK.

Why not talk to our existing employer clients about our retained law service for employers and how we have helped and protect their business?

TUPE Regulations and Support- a complex world explained

The TUPE Regulations are a complex topic which often causes significant confusion for all concerned.  Furthermore, there are significant financial penalties for failing to consult in accordance with the Regulations.

Furthermore any TUPE related dismissals are automatically unfair. EBS Law can provide comprehensive support to any employer ensuring that they fully comply with the Regulations. We provide easy to understand advice on why the Regulations apply to a particular situation, what to do when they apply and draft all supporting documentation.     

Law Insurance - Employers Tribunal Defence - Unfair Dismissal Defences? EBS is your one-stop shop for employers' legal help.