Many employers are making difficult decisions as furlough ends and are considering the necessity of making employees redundant. Redundancy will apply when you dismiss an employee because you no longer need anyone to do their job. This might be because your business is:

Changing what it does
Doing things in a different way
Changing location or closing down

Employees under contract with more than 2 years continuous service are entitled to statutory redundancy pay and all employees under notice of redundancy have the right to:

Reasonable time off to look for a new job or arrange training
Not be unfairly selected for redundancy

Employees should be given sufficient advance warning of the impending redundancy situation and the fact that they may be affected. This should include colleagues who are absent for any reason including sickness and maternity. We would advise that confirmation is given in writing in what is known as an “at risk letter”.

It is vital that the correct procedures are followed and decision makers should take advice on the redundancy process from a specialist employment law advisor. While redundancy is a legitimate reason for dismissal, if the correct redundancy procedures are not followed it may lead to a finding of discrimination or unfair dismissal at Employment Tribunal.

We can assist you in understanding your legal obligations and the steps that need to be taken to ensure your employees are treated fairly through the process and your business is protected.

We can guide you through the complete process including:

Support in identifying if redundancy is applicable
Provide advice on the fair selection of employees for redundancy
Initial communication and “at risk” letters
Advice on a meaningful consultation process
Support with redundancy selection criteria
Consideration of options including re-deployment and voluntary redundancies
Identification of employees entitled to statutory redundancy payments
The use of settlement agreements

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