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Employment Law Advice for UK Employers

An extensive Employment Law Service for Employers in all sectors of the UK

We are specialists in providing UK Employment Law Advice for Employers. Our service is ‘retained’ on a one year rolling contract and includes the following services:-

  •  unlimited employment law advice for employers by phone or email
  • drafting of bespoke employment contracts
  • review of existing employment contracts (if applicable)
  • drafting of employment law handbook (employee handbook)
  • HR letter writing support service
  • onsite ‘set up’ meeting
  • employment tribunal representation
  • qualified Legal adviser point of contact
  • employment law bulletin updates
  • optional employment tribunal insurance indemnity (subject to acceptance)
  • optional health and safety services

If you are currently experiencing problems or are looking to avoid them all together then we can help.

employment law services

One of the reasons why businesses are successful is that they are able to access good employment law advice. This resource ensures that employee matters are dealt with fairly and legally. Employers without the ability to access competent employment law advice admit to wasting too much time on this area. So let us find a solution to your problems.

We have been providing UK employers with a support service for over 10 years and as such means our legally qualified expert advisors are highly experienced ensuring they are able to identify solutions which have often previously been put into practice successfully elsewhere.

We have never lost a client through dissatisfaction with our employment law advice for employers service. Renewal rate is currently around 96%. If you would like to try our service then do not hesitate to give our team a call.

 Delivery of Employment Law Advice for Employers Service

All Clients enjoy access to their own experienced and formally qualified Legal Adviser. This ensures delivery of a personalised service and a knowledgeable understanding of your business every time you seek advice. .

As well as employment law advice for employers, we also provide drafted documentation, from recruitment documentation through to dismissal documentation, which enhances the control you have over your business.


Our service is retained for a quarterly fee. We cover all sectors and locations in the UK. Payment of this fee entitles the Client to access all the employment law advice for employers services set out above. Additional services can be included by agreement. Please contact our team on 01625 87 4400 for further details.

free employment law advice

Free Employment Law Advice

Free employment law advice for employer’s bulletins are available to non-clients as is initial phone advice. We hope that these bulletins are informative and helpful. If you would like to know about our services or included on our mailing list, then simply contact us by phone or email.


Employment Law Insurance - Employers Tribunal Defence - Unfair Dismissal Defences? EBS is your one-stop shop for employers' legal help.


EBS House, 30 Brownlow Close, Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire SK12 1YH

Registered Address: 17-19 Park Lane, Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire SK12 1RD Company No. 05239905


Employers Employment Law Advice, Support Services and Insurance primariliy for businesses in the Greater London area.

Also supporting business owners throughout Cheshire, Manchester, the North West of England and across Great Britain


Tel: 01625 874400      Fax: 01625 874422

Email: enquiries@ebslaw.co.uk

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