Redundancy Advice for Employers

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For employers redundancy advice will be required to react to different situations. Currently due to the circumstances created by the Coronavirus epidemic many employers are considering laying off staff. With grants available to employers under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme furloughing employees has been given preference over making redundancies, however, these grants are only temporary, once ended redundancy is likely to be back on the agenda.

When considering making staff redundant initial consideration will focus on the following three questions firstly, whether the situation presents a large scale redundancy exercise involving 20 or more employees, secondly, does it involve single self-selecting position(s) or, thirdly does the proposed reduction involve a team undertaking the same type of work (pool). The redundancy process will be driven by the answers to these three questions. Regardless, where 20 or more employees at one establishment are proposed to be made redundant in a 90 day period the Company to avoid prosecution must complete form HR1, see link

When making an employee redundant receiving redundancy legal advice is essential. Redundancy case law is now well established and employment tribunals expect to see that employers have carried out a robust exercise. Therefore, balancing redundancy law and the needs of the business, is essential when considering making employees redundant.

redundancy advice for employers

Delivering Redundancy Advice for Employers

We are employment law purists gaining extensive tactical and technical knowledge. We are trusted by very small, to large business to look after their employment law affairs.

Our team has over 15 year’s successful experience of providing redundancy advice for employers. Defending complaints of unfair redundancy dismissal are included within our 100% success in the Employment Tribunal.

Employers seeking redundancy advice can take comfort knowing that our team will be able to deliver the necessary outcome. We accept new retained clients knowing that they are intending to undertake a redundancy programme.

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