Employment Tribunal Representation For Employers

Employment Tribunal Representation for Employers

Do you have an employment problem and consider that you may need Employment Tribunal Representation? If so, then please call our offices to discuss further. We are pleased to offer free initial Employment Tribunal Representation help and support.

We have a proven record at defending employers in the Employment Tribunal in the UK. We specialise at defending employers and have experience of the claims that can be made within the Tribunal, including high value claims.

employment tribunal representation for employers

The thought of having to go to Court is a daunting prospect for anyone, however, the sooner you contact our offices is the first step in resolving the issue at hand. With free initial help and support offered what have you got to lose?

Employment Tribunal Representation for Employers is available to all business sectors and we cover the whole of the UK.

We will take instructions to defend a claim at any stage of the process, and are often appointed to consult with ACAS during the pre-conciliation stage of the claim. Once on record for the claim we will comply with court orders made for the case including putting together the trial bundle and the drafting of witness statements.

100% Success Rate for Employment Tribunals

For us to defend your Company in an employment dispute you do not need to be a retained client.

However, unlike the ordinary civil courts employees can take an eligible complaint to the Employment Tribunal free of charge. Orders for costs to be awarded against the losing party in Employment Tribunal proceedings rarely occurs. With the number of claims on the increase many businesses see the benefit of retaining employment law expertise https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/tribunals-statistics

Retained clients of EBS Law can count on increased prospects of success. During Employment Tribunal Representation we have managed to maintain a 100% success rate in defending their interests.

How have we achieved this? Legally trained, coupled with significant experience we know employment law and how to tactically apply it.

Start to protect your business by becoming a retained client of EBS Law today.

Employment Tribunal Insurance

We will be able to assist in the optional provision of an insurance policy to cover the award of compensation. Having taken and followed our advice and the very unlikely event occurs where the claimant is successful and wins their case, then subject to the terms of the scheme the respondent company will not have to find the funds to pay the award. Some of our Clients like the security that this policy brings to their business. Contact EBS Law for further details.