Employment Law Advice for UK Employers

An extensive Employment Law Service for Employers in all sectors of the UK

Providing Employment Law advice for Employers is about resolving any problems, big or small. Our retained service includes drafting employment contracts and handbooks, providing unlimited advice and defending Clients within the Employment Tribunal (where we have never lost a case).
We keep all our clients up to date with developments in employment law, via regular news bulletins - acas updates.

Delivery of our services

We pride ourselves in delivering a personal service. Accordingly, and normally at the beginning of our relationship we will travel to your site where your designated legal advisor will introduce themselves and start to build a familiarity with your Company.
Our personal approach to the delivery of our service extends to drafting the majority of the letters applicable to our advice for you. Whether it’s a letter inviting an employee to a disciplinary hearing, or confirming a redundancy, it’s all included. The letters that we draft are not templates that the Client has to amend and then send back to us for approval, it’s the finished article! Apart from saving our retained client time, we find that our service provides peace of mind knowing that our letters are in keeping with employment law and good practice.

In addition, we can assist with many HR forms such as application forms, offer letters and sickness documentation. There are no additional charges, it’s all part of our retained employment law service providing employment law advice for employers.
We offer our employment law advice for employers service to all sectors in the UK.

Good at what we do ?

We would like to think so. That's one of the reasons we why we only ask Clients to agree to retain our services for one year.

Employment Law Advisor

All our advisers are qualified. Employment law is an academic subject and we believe that to be able to competently advise employers, it is important to be qualified. Equally, we have been delivering this service for over ten years and we hope that we have become skilled at providing advice at a practical level.
If you would like to find out more about or services or if you have an existing problems that you would like some help with then do not hesitate to get in contact with us.